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I am a computational physicist interested in areas of Complex fluids, Rheology, Biological fluid dynamics, Material characterization, Renewable energy, Complex systems and Multi-scale modeling. For my work in these areas I have used the methods and tools of Linear Algebra, Differential Geometry, Statistics, Machine Learning, and High Performance Computing. I am currently a postdoc working jointly with Prof. Jesse Capecelatro and Prof. C. Alberto Figueroa at University of Michigan on Lagrangian particle models for cardiovascular flows in patient specific geometries.

I did my PhD work with Prof. Kausik Sarkar on rheology, diffusion and micro-structural evolution of suspensions of deformable particles such as drops, vesicles, micro-capsules and red blood cells.

Prior to my PhD work, my experience in research work includes internship at the Touch Lab at IIT Madras advised by Prof. Manivannan, where I analyzed the viscoelastic properties of artificial blood vessels to help build a realistic tactile model for IV needle insertion training. I was a summer intern at the Force Microscopy lab, IISc advised by Prof. Bobji, where I worked on designing the sample holder and incorporating a force sensor for an in-situ TEM nano-indenter apparatus. I did my Master's thesis work in the Hydro Turbo Machines Lab (HTML), IIT Madras with Prof. Dhiman Chatterjee. Using computational tools, I designed a novel duct for vertical-axis cross-flow hydro-kinetic turbines that improved the torque characteristics and the efficiency of the turbines.

While in industry, I was a junior executive in Operations and Commissioning departments for NTPC Ltd. and managed commissioning and operation of multiple 500MW power plants. In particular, I was part of the commissioning team for Vellore Thermal Power Station (VTPS). Subsequently, I was part of the Operations team at Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station (RSTPS), the largest power station in South India as of 2021. During this time I employed machine learning to identify and address process issues such as clinker formation in the furnace. I also developed time-series analysis of the power grid frequency to predict excursions. Later on, I was part of a start-up (Aidle Pvt. Ltd.) that designed and launched a wearable medical alert device in the Indian market.

I am generally interested in all types of computational methods, computational geometry, physical computing, and hardware and software engineering for electronic devices.

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